Project.INC works with schools and 11-to-19 year olds to provide recognised art and design qualifications. We offer:

  • small classes run by highly experienced, qualified teachers

  • collaborative sessions that engage young people with learning

  • calm, creative spaces within north-west heritage buildings where we’re permanently based

  • a sense of security which enables learners to be themselves

Students find that our approach helps them to reconnect with peers, teachers and parents and also encourages them to engage, attend and achieve. Not only is this great for students but it also helps schools who benefit from improved attendance and performance figures.  

With learning opportunities at key stages 3, 4 and 5, our young people gain qualifications as well as confidence. And they leave us ready to return to mainstream education or prepared for the next phase of their lives.   

“Coming here has boosted my confidence a lot. I’ve found trusting the staff easier and I’m not scared of expressing myself.” Student

“I can get very nervous and sound-sensitive at school. Having just one day a week where I can sit down and do art work in a very relaxed environment. It’s changed me for the better in lots of ways.” Student

“At the end of the day, it feels good because I’ve done stuff I like. It makes me feel happy ‘cos when I leave Project.INC, I’m always in a good mood.” Student

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