There are a growing number of young people, for a growing number of reasons, that require an alternative education package.

By alternative, we mean truly alternative- not another school, a smaller school- but an alternative environment and approach, still underpinned by learning objectives and desired outcomes (qualifications/skills/career), with a wrap around service of care.

Our bases allow the connections with an underserved audience, enabling a diverse and inclusive approach for the institutions we are based in, as described in the video attached.

(Please watch our Mad Hatters and Curious Cooks round up- badly filmed by us- but expertly edited by Belly Flop Tv!)

Project.INC has big plans to expand, enabling young people across Greater Manchester Combined Authority to access the subject, skills and support that can transform the process of transition into adulthood, for young people that are experiencing disadvantage.

The power of Art to engage doesn’t diminish, although it seems the current educational landscapes belief in this has. As creatives and educators we have found a way to co-create and fill this gap.

Lisa Alberti
Founder and Director

AuthorProject INC